Dayva Weiss is a NYC based film and music video director. She is a senior at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where she will be receiving a B.F.A. in Film & Television Production. Among her studies, Dayva has completed multiple workshops in directing for film as well as a 6 week long screenwriting intensive in Florence, Italy. In addition to two self-written and directed shorts, Dayva has also used her time at NYU to direct 3 music videos. One in particular for the upbeat and nostalgic song Burnin’ Through the Nite, from the alternative duo The Sweethearts, comprised of Zak Mering and the late Sam Mehran.

Outside of her film studies, Dayva has worked as an assistant producer, onset photographer, and marketing associate for the Amazon Prime series The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red. Most recently Dayva has served as a development intern for 3311 Productions in Los Angeles, where she has worked on film and television decks, offered feedback on scripts for prospective clients, and performed professional office duties.

Spending most of her childhood as a dancer, Dayva has always been drawn to the arts. Through her films, she aims to prove that a dreamer’s escape can be a part of reality.